Gladstone Park Dental offers a variety of payment options for your convenience, including HUMM, SuperCare, Zip and AfterPay. It is important to understand the terms and conditions associated with these payment providers before engaging in any transactions. By choosing any of these payment options, you agree to the following:

Independent Relationships:

HUMM, SuperCare, Zip and AfterPay are independent third-party payment providers and are not affiliated with Gladstone Park Dental. Each provider operates under its own terms, conditions, and privacy policies.


Financial Agreement:

When you choose to use HUMM, SuperCare, Zip and AfterPay you enter into a financial agreement directly with the respective payment provider Gladstone Park Dental is not responsible for any financial arrangements, fees, interest rates, or penalties imposed by these providers.


Credit Approval:

Some payment options, such as Afterpay, may involve a credit approval process. Approval or denial of credit is solely at the discretion of the payment provider, and Gladstone Park Dental does not have control over this decision.


Payment Plans and Schedules:

Payment plans and schedules associated with HUMM, SuperCare, Zip and AfterPay are determined by the respective providers. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with their terms and ensure compliance with agreed-upon payment schedules.


Fees and Charges:

You are responsible for understanding and complying with any fees, charges, or interest rates associated with the selected payment option. Gladstone Park Dental is not liable for any additional costs imposed by the payment providers.


SuperCare Third-party Processing:

SuperCare assists in facilitating the application process for Early Release of Superannuation for dental treatments. Any decisions related to the approval or denial of the release of superannuation funds are made by the relevant authorities and not Gladstone Park Dental.

By choosing any of the mentioned payment options, you acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth by HUMM, SuperCare, Zip and AfterPay. It is recommended that you review the terms and conditions of each payment provider before proceeding with any transactions. Gladstone Park Dental reserves the right to update or modify this disclaimer at any time without prior notice.