Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

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What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry (also known as “Sleep Dentistry”) uses medication to help patients relax or even sleep during dental procedures for painless dental care.

Sedation dentistry enables patients who may have a low pain threshold, very sensitive teeth, a gag reflex, or moderate-to-severe anxiety the ability to undergo more advanced procedures for teeth and gum health.

At Gladstone Park Dental, we administer an IV sedation that puts you to sleep safely and comfortably, and provides for the ultimate experience. 

How does it work?

Sleep Dentistry is the process to alleviate the symptoms associated with the irreversible inflammation of the pulp (nerves) within the tooth. Teeth much like any other part of the body is innervated by nerves and blood supply. Unfortunately there are times when the nerve within the teeth can be irritated and inflamed beyond the body’s ability to self-repair. Common reasons as to why the nerve within the tooth may become inflamed include cavities allowing the penetration of bacteria, very deep fillings, traumatic injuries and cracks.


Over several visits the inflamed tissue is removed, the canals within the tooth are cleaned and then filled. Once completed the tooth remains functional but will be devoid of sensation such as hot & cold sensitivity.