Children’s Dentistry

We take the time to care

Children are not simply smaller versions of adults and accordingly it is important to recognise their dental requirements are quite different as well.

At Gladstone Park Dental we have a very strong focus on Preventive Dentistry and a key to this is to begin establishing the correct oral habits from an early age. Of equal importance is the need to reinforce a positive association with going to the dentist and to dispel any myths of the dentist being someone you should fear.

It is incredibly satisfying for us to have seen many of our patients once young children now having developed into happy young adults with a perfectly healthy smile.

We are proud to be providers of the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. The initiative entitles eligible children to receive general dental care to the value of $1,000 every two years. Simply bring in your child’s medicare card and we will be able to bulk bill you on the day of the appointment with no out of pocket expense.

Find out more information about the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Click here here to visit their website.