Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry is an all encompassing term which basically covers the procedures designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile. The technology of dental materials have come a long way and many people are surprised at the ease in what can be achieved today.

Teeth Whitening: The process by which to obtain a brighter whiter more vibrant smile. The teeth can often become darker as we age and can also be influenced by dietary factors and habits such as smoking. To rejuvenate and whiten your smile we employ the use of home bleaching kits with customised trays. A conservative and safe way to achieve whiter teeth that is more cost effective and convenient than other methods.

Bonding: This procedure employs the use of tooth coloured resin filling materials to be chemically bonded to the existing teeth to improve the appearance of symmetry or shape. Ideal in situations where a tooth is chipped, has an irregular shape or spacing needs to be closed between teeth. The procedure is usually simple, one appointment and very cost effective.

Veneers: the front surface of the tooth. The material used for veneers can range from tooth coloured resin (filling material) to fine grade porcelain. Veneers can be a great treatment option to achieve an even natural looking smile for teeth that are largely healthy but discoloured or uneven in size.

Crowns: A crown can be thought of as a thin hat which fits over the entire body of the tooth to give it a new shape and appearance. Unlike the traditional crowns of the past where metal was often used, the materials utilised today are metal free and share optical characteristics very similar to natural tooth enamel. The crowns are precisely fabricated in a laboratory and then bonded onto the prepared tooth.