Dental Emergency

Have a Dental Emergency? CALL US IMMEDIATELY

Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can encompass a wide range of issues, from severe toothaches to chipped or dislodged teeth. At Gladstone Park Dental, we emphasize the importance of accurate diagnosis by a qualified dentist to identify the underlying cause of a dental emergency. This allows for appropriate treatment options to be presented, maximizing your tooth’s chances of survival. An incorrect diagnosis can result in inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, potentially compromising your oral health.

If you experience a dental emergency such as a fractured tooth, intense throbbing pain, swelling, or dental trauma, we urge you to contact our clinic urgently. Cases of this nature are given top priority, and our team will make every effort to promptly address your concerns.

Types of Emergencies

A calm, rational response to any dental emergency will ensure your teeth have the best chance of survival and pain is alleviated quickly. Unfortunately dental emergencies can happen at any time day or night, and can be quick frightening if unexpected.

Here is a short list of common dental emergencies and the suggested procedure to follow if you have not reached the clinic for help.