If you are new to Gladstone Park Dental, thank you for choosing us and we look forward in welcoming you to our practice. We ask that prior to your appointment to fill in the new patient medical questionnaire (click here to download). This can be emailed back to us info@gladstoneparkdental.com.au or simply print it out and bring it in with you.

If you have dental records you wish to transfer from your previous dentist please complete the medical records release form (click here to download it) and forward to your previous dentist.

If you are running late for your appointment please notify our reception staff as early as possible so that arrangements can be made. For cancellations we ask a minimum of 24hrs notice be provided otherwise a broken appointment fee may be charged.

A dental check up examination and clean of the teeth is one of the most regular services we provide. As a general guide the fee for this service is around $180. Variations to this fee may occur for instances when additional dental x-ray pictures are required. Dental x-rays cost from $35 per film.

We recognise that time is important to our patients and will always try to use your appointed time as efficiently as possible. If you require additional treatment, please advise our reception staff when requesting an appointment so the appropriate length of time can be allocated. In cases of more complex treatment such as larger fillings or extractions it may be beneficial to return for a subsequent dedicated appointment.

Having dental extras with your private health insurance is definitely an advantage. Providing you bring your health insurance card along with you to your appointment we will be able to claim back your entitled rebate for you “on the spot” through HICAPS.

The out of pocket “gap” to be paid will vary depending upon which fund you have and what level of cover. There may be nothing to pay at all or just a few dollars.

To see which health funds are supported by the HICAPS system please click here.


Yes we most definitely are! We are very proud of our long association and partnership with a number of the leading health funds.
At Gladstone Park Dental, members of HCF Medibank and Bupa will attract the additional benefit of a higher level of rebate from their health fund.

Gladstone Park Dental - Private Health FundsGladstone Park Dental - Private Health FundsGladstone Park Dental - Private Health Funds

Yes most definitely. We can provide an itemised treatment plan before any work is commenced and those with private health insurance are encouraged to contact their fund to determine the rebates which may apply. At Gladstone Park Dental we believe in complete transparency so our patients fully understand what treatment is being proposed and the fees associated with it.

Yes and No. We do participate in providing treatment for children under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. If your child is eligible under the scheme there is an allowance of $1,000 for general dental work per two-year period. Click here to check eligibility.

Providing eligibility criteria is met, treatment for your child is bulk billed on the day of service with no out of pocket expense.

Medicare Children's Dental Benefits Scheme

The age at which children feel comfortable enough to sit in the dental chair by themselves can vary from child to child but age 4 is a good average starting point. On the first visit we familiarise the child with the dental setting and aim to reinforce a positive association with seeing the dentist as a pleasant experience. The health of their teeth are examined, oral hygiene instructions explained and where suitable a light clean of their teeth is performed.

A primary goal of all of our practitioners is to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible. With advances in technology and techniques, many procedures now no longer require an injection. However there are times when the benefits of being “numb” and having no sensation through out the treatment will far outweigh the small inconvenience of a local anaesthetic. If you have an issue with injections, let your dentist know. We will always consider all options to ensure your comfort.
The removal of wisdom teeth is something routinely performed at Gladstone Park Dental. However we also recognise that there is a high degree of variation for wisdom teeth and no two patients are the same. There are instances where it will be more comfortable and practical to be referred to an oral surgeon who could remove the wisdom teeth while you are under a general anaesthetic in a hospital setting. If you have wisdom teeth issues, it will be best to have it assessed first where a full jaw X-Ray scan (OPG) is taken and then options can be provided.

Yes. Employing implant technology to replace missing teeth is incredibly satisfying for both the patient and the dentist. There are generally two parts to implant treatment. The first part involves the placement of the titanium implant fixture (screw) into the jaw where the tooth / teeth are missing. This is normally performed by a specialist surgeon who we work closely with. After the necessary healing time, in the second phase of treatment we make the overlying crown or bridge which connects to the implant.

The physical structure of the teeth are not harmed or altered in the whitening process. We generally recommend a take home whitening kit with customised trays as the method of choice for whitening after the dentist has assessed suitability. We feel this method is more cost effective, provides better results and causes less sensitivity than the in chair process.

The idea of getting a complete smile makeover while holidaying in a tropical destination has obvious appeal and many people have done so successfully. Before embarking on such an exercise do your research carefully! Know who it is you will be entrusting your dental health.

What assurances are there have that everything will be completed in the specified time? Most importantly will they still be there to provide follow up and maintenance if things do not go according to plan in the future? What may seem a cost saving initially may prove very different if treatment needs to be rectified in Australia. At Gladstone Park Dental our dentists are registered and comply with the necessary standards of the Dental Board of Australia to protect your wellbeing. You have the additional assurance that they are all local graduates of the University of Melbourne.